Indian Country Jails

Jails are a complex ecosystem with a variety of challenges. Staffing, health care, budgeting, adequate funding and resources, recruitment, hiring, and retention, aging facilities, jail planning, managing special populations, appropriate staff training, and a host of other items are all relevant issues for Indian Country jails. Resources on this page are offered in support of Indian Country jails, their missions, and the significance they hold among the nation’s jails.

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA): Screening and Assessment Tools Chart

The Screening and Assessment Tools Chart provides a comprehensive guide and links to evidence-based screening and assessment tools you can use with your patients from adolescence to adulthood. It is organized by substance type, patient age, and administration method to help you find the right tool for your practice.

Comprehensive Opioid Stimulant and Substance Use Program (COSSUP)

America’s substance misuse crisis is a public safety and public health emergency that threatens the well-being of individuals who misuse drugs as well as their families, communities, and, ultimately, the nation. It impacts first responders, the criminal justice system, child welfare and foster care, behavioral health systems, and victim service providers. Supporting the field in addressing this epidemic is one of the U.S. Department of Justice’s top priorities and, at the center of this response, is the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s (BJA) Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Use Program (COSSUP).

Stepping Up: A National Initiative Reducing Overincarceration of People with Mental Illnesses

The Stepping Up initiative supports local jurisdictions in establishing and reaching measurable goals that demonstrate reduced prevalence of serious mental illness across the justice system.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Guidance for Correctional Settings

CDC provides guidance for correctional and detention facilities and other groups that support persons who are incarcerated or detained.


NSA’s national initiative to help jails replicate a program of the Genesee County (MI) Sheriff’s Office, that offers comprehensive education, job certification, and post-incarceration work opportunities and assistance to incarcerated individuals. The program, started by Sheriff Christopher R. Swanson, is called I.G.N.I.T.E., which is an acronym for Inmate Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education.

National Directory of Programs for Women with Criminal Justice Involvement

The programs on this site are varied in the populations they serve and services provided. This database is intended for correctional stakeholders working across front end decision-making, pre-trial release, jail and prison reentry and covers topical areas such as parenting programs and substance abuse and/or behavioral health. We have found this site to be a resource in correctional case planning, management, and supervision and treatment of women in correctional systems but also as a source of information for those interested in developing programs to serve women.

Safety Matters: Managing Relationships in Women’s Facilities

Research and experience tells us that women behave differently than men in a correctional environment. Most notably, woman inmates tend to be more relational. This curriculum will equip staff with the knowledge base and skill set to address relationships in women’s facilities and the unique challenges they present to facility operations, communication, and institutional culture.

Strategic Inmate Management (SIM)

Strategic Inmate Management (SIM) is defined as the intentional integration of the principles and strategies of Direct Supervision and the elements of Inmate Behavior Management as a unified operational philosophy. It is an evolution of the Direct Supervision and Inmate Behavior Management training and assistance NIC has previously offered.

U.S. Prisons and Offenders with Mental Illness: XV. LEGAL REQUIREMENTS

Outline of legal requirements of health care in the US penal system, including some court cases.