Professional Development

NIC Training: Introduction to the Roles and Responsibilities of Jail Administrators

This course will provide new jail administrators, sheriffs, and prospective jail administrators an overview of the roles and responsibilities of a jail administrator. Course content will be presented at an introductory level and aims to orient the intended audience to the critical functions, roles, and responsibilities the jail has in the local community and in the public safety sphere. Estimated duration: 1 hour. (NIC ID: 21ECJA2900)

NIC Training: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Correctional Settings

For many people, this time in history brings new insights into the criminal justice system and how it affects people across various cultures and life experiences. The first step in understanding diversity is having self-awareness. The way in which we see the world is maintained through our self-awareness and individual perspective. This course will help you to begin broadening your perspectives by questioning the assumptions you may have about the people around you. It will also offer you tools to build a more harmonious workplace. Estimated duration: 1 hour. (NIC ID: 22ECPR3017)

Promoting Civility in the Correctional Workplace (NIC Webinar Series)

Workplace incivility describes the subtle and obvious behaviors that are generally rude, discourteous, and suggesting of a lack of respect for others. When unchecked, incivility erodes an organization’s culture and adversely impacts the well-being of those who are the targets of uncivil behavior.
Workplace incivility needs to be challenged and talked about openly. Knowing the causes of incivility, its consequences, and how to promote civility in the workplace can help correctional leaders and employees build psychologically safe environments where everyone grows and thrives.