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Leadership (NIC Webinar Series)

Have you ever struggled to decide whether it is more important to support your people or your agency? On the one hand, you want to do the right thing to take care of those on the frontline, but you’ve also got to make sure that the work gets done. Most supervisors, managers, and executives have encountered this dilemma.
In fact, it’s a commonly mentioned concern in management training classes. In this webinar, Dr. Ed Sherman will discuss the balance between productivity and ensuring that employees have the assistance and resources that are necessary to function effectively. While sometimes considered as being in opposition to one another, these two needs can and should exist in a parallel, complimentary manner to produce the best possible outcomes, as will become evident during this training.


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National Jail Leadership Command Academy (NJLCA)

The National Jail Leadership Command Academy (NJLCA) is designed to provide training for succession preparation, and to develop leadership skills for successful transitioning into senior leadership positions within jails.