Diversity Equity and Inclusion

NIC Training: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Correctional Settings

For many people, this time in history brings new insights into the criminal justice system and how it affects people across various cultures and life experiences. The first step in understanding diversity is having self-awareness. The way in which we see the world is maintained through our self-awareness and individual perspective. This course will help you to begin broadening your perspectives by questioning the assumptions you may have about the people around you. It will also offer you tools to build a more harmonious workplace. Estimated duration: 1 hour. (NIC ID: 22ECPR3017)

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility (NIC Topic Page)

This portal has been created to support individual and organizational growth. Individually, you can take the opportunity to look honestly at what shapes the way you see people. Organizationally, the portal gives you the chance to reshape the foundation of your organization’s culture by helping you examine bias, lead diverse teams, stand for racial and social justice, support inclusive teams, and explore tips on how to create DEIA programs at work.
Done well, a DEIA program will be the heartbeat for a culture of respect, safety, productivity, and efficiency. This is the type of environment needed for all workplaces and especially within the correctional system.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion (NIC Webinar Series)

A 4 part series on DEIA topics provided by the National Institute of Corrections