RTI International

ES TTA Webinar: Using Evaluation Findings to Improve Service Delivery in Reentry Programs

In this 60-minute webinar, presenters from RTI International, Center for Court Innovation, and the Primary Care Research Institute at the University of Buffalo share strategies for how to use evaluation results to improve and sustain reentry programs. Strategies for using evaluation data in both a formative manner, to guide ongoing, continuous program improvement; and a reflective manner, to gain deep insights at the conclusion of the program to inform decisions about program sustainability and replication, will be shared. The webinar also presents an example of real-world application shared by the Erie County Jails New Dawn Initiative team, including the perspective of the research partners and Program Director. Webinar attendees had the opportunity to engage with presenters to learn more about how to best leverage evaluation data and findings to improve their reentry programs. Video Run Time: 1 hr.